Health Internetwork Reveals the Secret Treatment of Genital Herpes

People having extremely painful herpes symptoms will easily know he/she is suffering from herpes. However, it is quite possible that even you might be suffering from genital herpes but will never know it. There exist two distinct possibilities that someone might suffer from genital herpes without even realizing that they are actually infected. 

How you could be suffering from Genital Herpes without Knowing It

Asymptomatic infection   is one type wherein patients or sufferers are never aware that they are actually suffering from genital herpes, as there are no visible signs and symptoms. On the other hand, symptomatic infection is other type where every symptom indicates patient is suffering from herpes. Recent studies have revealed that asymptomatic genital herpes can be a significant problem. Half of the genital herpes sufferers not aware of their infection; are aware of the symptoms but are not sure that they indicate presence of herpes. People suffering from asymptomatic genital herpes, can be diagnosed only after blood test or after transmitting herpes virus to their sexual partner, who develops symptoms after being infected. Health Internetwork is a website from where you can download an e-book named Get Rid of Herpes written by Sarah Wilcox.

Although this seems unrealistic, this is true about genital herpes. Therefore, it is necessary that you visit your physician on regular basis and undergo STD screening that will help determine if you are suffering from asymptomatic genital herpes or not.

Understand Genital Herpes in Broader Perspective

According to various studies and medical reports, more than forty five million people alone in United States are infected with Herpes Simplex Virus. Furthermore, one in five teens is infected with either symptomatic or asymptomatic genital herpes. Yet fact that is more interesting is compared to men, women are more prone to be infected with the genital herpes. Surveys conclude that one out of every four women is affected with genital herpes. Top of all, each year almost 500,000 new cases of genital herpes are detected every year. 

Health Internetwork Helps You Eradicate Herpes Infection

It does not matter whether you are one of the sufferers of genital herpes, it is better if you regularly check for herpes infection. You never know when you are going to be infected with herpes. Therefore, without much ado visit Health Internetwork and order Sarah Wilcox’s Get Rid of Herpes. This book will not only improve your understanding about herpes but will also help you permanently remove HSV threat from your life.